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Neuried, Germany
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AMSilk produces biomaterials made from spider silk-based proteins. They start by fermenting proteins and turn them into formulations, including fibers and yarns, hydrogels and silk powder. Their tech enables a range of applications in the textile, homecare, biomedical, and automobile industries and bring breakthrough benefits for products and customers.

Biosteel® Fiber

AMSilk started producing Biosteel® Fiber in 2015. AMSilk Fiber is made using biotechnology and is petroleum free. This process works well under aerobic and marine conditions, leaving no microplastic residue. Like natural silk, AMSilk Fiber is of premium quality – it enhances skin comfort with bacteriostatic and hygienic properties, and is thinner and more delicate than the products of Mulberry Silk. The production of AMSilk Fiber is animal cruelty free and certified vegan.

Gels and Coatings

AMSilk coatings can be applied to many different surfaces including silicone, metal, fiber and surgical mesh. AMSilk gels can be used as wound dressing, for medical skin care, and in hydrogels or cream formulations.