Stockholm, Sweden
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Reselo is developing a new kind or rubber from birch bark made from the biopolymer suberin. The materials are a replacement for synthetic rubbers, which are often blended with natural rubber for higher performance. Reselo rubber offers a significant reduction in carbon footprint, and avoid harmful chemicals often found in rubber like PAH, PCB and heavy metals.

Raw Reselo Rubber

Reselo Rubber is made from Suberin, a flexible compound extracted from birch bark.

Raw Reselo Rubber can drop into many existing recipes. The material is engineered from monomers, making it possible to precision engineer the performance characteristics -- something that has only been possible to do with synthetic rubbers. This is what makes it a great replacement for synthetic rubbers.

Pre-cured Reselo Rubber

To simplify testing and implementation, pre-cured Reselo Rubber can be used as soft in-fill material. This material offers thermal stability, chemical resilience, and can adapt to existing curing processes.